All About the Smallholder

Economic is going down, people are started to reduce their spending behavior, the market is getting worse. Therefore, competitors are getting more competitive.

To start a business, it is really easy. But are you willing and able to go through in the period of facing obstacles, especially with competitors, and financial crisis as well?

Sustain is the biggest challenge to all the business out there.

Whatever you wish to pursue with your Smallholders position, take good care of your own business, your own responsibility, you have to also take care of your palm plants.

Whatever we are involved, we do, we agree, or even things we are not involved, always make sure we are always under protection by the law and regulations.

Everything is all about evidence and physical proof to charge or be charged.

If you are unlucky and being involved in any type of negative situation, even without you involving it.

Always choose to contact your lawyer or make a police report if you find out that you are being involved in any kind of negative situation regarding shareholders or any business-related purpose.

One of the “not so good” about being as a smallholder is that, as you know you are considered small, so you definitely will not have that “much” power compared to those “big holder” out there.

So, you definitely need to be extra careful than anyone else out there to keep your business in a safe place.

Systematic is something will never get outdated, as well as goes wrong. Consistent is the key to success, and that is why the traditional business out there is still able to success until today.

In a nutshell, you definitely to keep track your own business status, making sure you record down all of the information, the progress, and keep all of the evidence (if you have anything). Just like when you are saving up, you will definitely record down your expenses and to control yourself when you notice you are almost reaching the overspend level.

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